April 11, 2009

8 Ways to Decrease Stress Level

Mental health is the level of mental disorder. Normal people can bear stress and cop up with their normal day activates and can Stress levelenjoy their life. Mentally abnormal have very different behavior than normal people. They cannot even mix up peoples and mess up with relations. They have this mental disorder because of the many stressful events happened in their lives.  It can happen suddenly or can take large time. Its cure entirely depends on the patient.

Most of deny that they are normal. Sometimes they make situation shameful for others by doing any foolish activities. It becomes very difficult for mental patient to do daily work. In treatment of the mental health patient, they need family members support a lot with their own will power. But results of mental recovery are very less. Only treatment for this mental disorder is to consult psychologists.

Many simple things can also help you at initial levels:

1. You should take sleep at least for 6 hours.

2. Physical exercise will help you getting relaxed from stress a lot and make you feel active.

3. While eating food just concentrate on it. Do not do other activates like reading newspaper, watching TV etc. Also, try to eat your meal at right time.

4. Eating notorious food can also feel you healthy.

5. Try to take fresh air for some time. You can go for walk in park.

6. Try to interact more with your family members, friends and your colleagues. You can discuss your daily life and other activates with them. This will give you relief from stress. Do not feel alone.

7. Try to make new friends.

8. Do not think negative about any situation; try to think positive about every situation.

These simple activities can help you a lot and keep you healthy mentally.

After Worst Condition:

If your mental health condition is going very bad then you must consult Psychologists. Seeking help of a Psychologists does not mean that you are mental abnormal, but sometimes they can help you a lot. Recent studies had shown than nearly 25% person has recovered and they are living their normal life. He can work on your past issues. It is a long-term treatment but it is effective. He can provide you solution to deal with daily stressful situations. This is natural therapy method so it does not have any side effects as medicines have.  He will talk to you and find out what problem is causing stress to you. He can listen to you and provide medication if you need any.

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