February 17, 2009

Acne rosacea

Acne rosacea is a skin problem in which your skin’s color turn into red. This problem is generally occurs at the area around your nose, chin, cheek and forehead. Since Acne rosacea bears great resemblance to acne, people sometime misdiagnosed it as acne and treat it like acne. But this rosacea is different from normal acne as this type of acne is tiny and full with blood, and always appears red on the skin. Where as acne or pimple has different color which first appears in red color but they change their color after sometime and turned into yellow with white or black heads. Hence, to differentiate acne and rosacea you need knowledge about them.

First thing first, if you have acne, get them checked by an expert to find out whether they are acne rosacea or simple acne. Taking acne rosacea for acne and treat them as usually acne are treated will lead to bad skin condition. Rosacea may look like acne, but it is not. So you can’t treat them like acne as the treatment for acne rosacea is quite different from acne problems. It is said that these types of acne do not have any other solution, except cosmetic surgery.

It is very strange that Acne Rosacea is a common problem, yet there is no proper solution for them. However, you can stop the condition from going worse. For that you need knowledge of the symptoms accompanied by the problems. The symptoms of the problem are appeared at nose and eyes near by area that may sometime confused dermatitis as well. Let’s know about different types of rosacea acne.

First is Ocular rosacea: generally this type of rosacea carries three types of symptoms. You may recognize it by dry red eyelids. Irritated eyelid is another symptom by which it can be recognized. The last and very common symptom carried by ocular rosacea is itching and burning sensations. Second type of Acne rosacea is called as Pulopustular rosacea. Usually this type of rosacea acne carries three types of symptoms: permanent redness on the facial skin, red bumps that is also called as papules and last symptoms is called as pustules when these bumps on your skin are filled with pus.

If you or any one in your family is suffering from Acne rosacea then should not pay heed to the wrong saying about the problem. Let discus such myths about the problem.

Some time people say that diet ripe for rosacea. It is absolutely wrong as studies reveal that an individual diet has no straight effect on any kind of acne. As a result, chocolate, peanuts, French fries, sugar, oil and so on do not cause to acne rosacea. Nevertheless, they may elevate the allegoric action in your body.
Acne in childhood lead to Acne rosacea: it is also a fiction story that has nothing to do with reality. As we know that rosacea is also sometime called as adult acne, yet no relationship has been found between the two terms. The Rosacea is a vascular system condition in which blood run to the face where as acne is a largely a skin problem that is due to bacteria.

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