June 26, 2009

Things You Must Know About Aids/HIV

AIDS is a syndrome caused by HIV virus. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency virus and AIDS is an abbreviated Hiv Aidsform of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is caused by a special virus named HIV, it’s special because it duplicates or replicates itself in fraction of seconds and attack the human immune system severely. As you all know that immune system contains antibodies that fight against many diseases. If these antibodies are weakened the human body becomes more vulnerable to infections like tuberculosis and Aids/HIV. So, Aids/HIV can be fatal, and may lead to some serious problems in human body.

Aids/HIV is transmitted through various factors, which one should take care of. If infected person’s blood is transmitted to another person, it can cause Aids/HIV. Unprotected sexual activities can lead to Aids/HIV. The use of unsterilized instruments like needle, razor etc can cause Aids/HIV. A mother having Aids/HIV can cause the same to her unborn child. Blood transfusion can lead to Aids/HIV if the transfused blood contains Aids/HIV. These are the basic ways which can lead to transmission of Aids/HIV. Aids/HIV cannot be spread by mosquito bites, kissing, handshaking or any other personal activities or by sharing same towel or clothes.

Blood test can assure you weather you have contacted the virus or not. You have to be regular for your blood tests and should visit from time to time, within a time span of around 4-5 months. You must use sexual devices while engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner. You should go for a safe sex. You should avoid unprotected sexual activities and other ways which can cause you Aids/HIV. Aids/HIV in today’s time has a negative effect on people. People having Aids/HIV are simply rejected by their loved ones. People have a fear in their minds that the disease may get transmitted to them also, by just simply playing or hugging those who have already suffered with Aids/HIV.  Some people have lost their job too because they are HIV positive. So, it makes Aids/HIV a more of a psychological trauma making it more difficult for the ones who are a part of it.

You have to love these people. You have to make them believe that they are still loved by their families. They should be considered an important part of our society. You have to let them know that it’s not the end of the world for them; they can make an important mark in their life. They can lead a normal life no matter they are living with Aids/HIV. You should not blame them or hurt them for the reason that they are living with the virus, as it is not in their hands.

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