October 8, 2009

Blood Disorders and Treatment

Blood is that fluid in our body which acts as a link between the body parts to transport oxygen, nutrients, etc to Blood cancer and disordersdifferent parts. As the function of blood and the way it operates is somewhat peculiar, Clinical care by experts are needed in case of any blood related diseases which may contain blood cancer & diseases, bleeding disorder, anemia, etc.

Blood disorder is not because of any particular factor. Varieties of factors are responsible for it. Laboratory test are the foremost thing the doctor prescribes to diagnose the problem. As plasma (main constituent of blood) is passed through every part of body, blood test opens up the insight of our body, and tells us what is happening inside our body. The numbers of blood disorders are many; some of them are Anemia, Sickle Cell Anemia and Leukemia. There are other types of anemia also besides the one mentioned above.

Symptoms of blood disorder are not very specific, and for different disorders these are different. These are generally non-specific. That means, they can indicate problem in any part of the body, not in specific one. No single symptom tells about the disorder, but group of symptoms indicate a particular type of blood disorder. Such general symptoms are increase or decrease in the blood cell count, i.e. RBC, WBC, platelets.

Disorder which is related to substances of blood may result in improper functioning of blood. Take for example if blood platelets number in blood is not sufficient, then clotting will not take place effectively or abnormal clotting may take place. This is because blood is not producing enough platelets according to body needs or they have been using by body too quickly


Generally doctors prescribe the treatment after through testing of blood and scanning the reports against his experience. Treatment depends on the type and stage of blood disorder. There are many type of treatments now available ranging from marrow transplant, stem cell transplant to blood transfusion.

When anybody thinks of transplant, image of major surgical procedure comes in mind, but in case of stem cell transplant, there is no need of surgery, It is basically used for organs that is bone marrow i.e. not a solid organ for e.g. Liver.

Principle of stem cell transplant is that the good cells will replace the damaged ones and stars proper functioning. In this type of treatment stem cells are injected in body and if all goes well they start the proper functioning of blood cells by replacing the damaged ones.

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