April 5, 2009

Decrease your Stress and Depression level

In today’s time, depression is the most common mental disorder. It is caused Depressionby some stressful events that had ever happened in their lives. Events like job loss, stress of work, death of loved ones, family conditions or any other type of stressful event. Stress can’t only occur because of negative thoughts or events.

A person can feel stressed even because of positive thoughts like new job, getting married etc. In these stressful conditions person got depressed. Depression affects daily events a lot like office work, school work, and personal life, eating and sleeping habits and health a lot. It also effects there sex desires. In case of depression mainly people commit suicides. In United States 4% of people commits suicide every year. According to new researches done on suicides are caused due to depression.

Most commonly, depression comes in two stages of age, 30 to 40 and 50 to 60. Most interesting fact about depression is that women feel two times more depressed than men do, but men have more suicide rate.

There are no specific diagnosis tests to find that a person is depressed or not. In depression, mood of person and their behavior changes than normal. Therefore, family members, colleges and friends can judge easily their depression state. But a diagnostic assessment can be conducted by psychiatrist. In this assessment doctor checks his current mental status and his activities and discus with him a lot about his life. In rural areas these facilities are not available. In developing cities special care centers are available. But there is no proof or any surety that person’s condition will improve. But doctors helps them a lot to recover from these stress situations.

There is no way to prevent depression. But there are several techniques or methods by which we can try to relax and get relive from stress.

Notice when you get stressed. Try to avid thinking about that situation.

Physical exercise also makes you relax a lot.  This provides relaxation to neuron system. You can try yoga too sometime.
Always stay connected with your loved ones. Tell them everything you want to share with them. Make special friends that can understand you much better.

In depression most of people start drinking wine and start smoking. Try to avoid them as much as you can. Because these can make you feel relief for some time but have side effects.

There are various therapies and medications are also available. You can try them but be aware most of them don’t work. And take them only perceptions of your doctor.

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