October 9, 2009

Are Fruits Good for the Women Who Had the Breast Cancer or Not?

People do almost think that during their searches for latest treatment for the women breast cancers, scientists had recently Fruit helps in treating breast cancerdiscovered that the fibers, fruits and vegetables were not good for the women who had the breast cancer in  their past. But the closer reading of findings of the clinical breast cancer trials sponsored by a Women’s Healthy Eating & Living study showed that they had discovered none of such the things.

“The Journals of American Medical Association had reported the last year that the seven-year study of about 3,107 women which once had the breast cancer (they all were under the ages of about 70 and all of them were having the tumors of about 1cm or even larger) found that no cancer-protective benefits of the increasing consumption of the fruits & vegetables beyond the 5 servings per day.”

Very nearly about half of women in Women’s Healthy Eating & Living trials who once had the breast cancer were just to encouraged for eating the 5 servings of the fruits & the vegetables per day. The rest of women that had the breast cancer once were coached to the eats twelve servings of the fruits & the veggies per day, & for reducing their consumption of the saturated fats.

The coaching provided to them worked. At the end of about four years, women who were had received the nutritional counseling found to consume the following items:

About 65 per cent of more vegetables
Around 25 per cent of more fruits
About 30 per cent of more fibers and
About 13 per cent of lesser saturated fat.

What were the effects on their health?

1. The women who had ate more of the fruits & the vegetables consumed the average of about 1538 calories per day & weighed the average of about 163 pounds.

2. The women who had ate the fewer fruits & the vegetables consumed the average of around 1559 calories per day & weighed the average of about 162 pounds.

3. 257 out of the 1538 women on the higher fruits & vegetable diets have the recurrence of their breast cancer.

All of the other things that are held equal that the women who had got their most servings of the fruits & the vegetables (more than 9 the day) & the very most of the fibers (more than about 25 g per day) have measurably but are not significantly able to lower the rates of the breast cancer return.

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