March 25, 2009

What are the Different Hair Straightening Methods?

Hair straightningThere are different types of hair straighteners which are available in the market. It is important for one to choose the right one in order to avoid any future damages. Hair straighteners vary in accordance with their size, form and some additional features. Generally one should know his frequency of use before buying any hair straightener. If you are using it on daily basis then do choose a good one.

For the people who posses long hair should use a straightener with wider plate. Wider plate helps in doing the work faster. One should merely choose the straightener which has got additional features. If it provides an automatic shut off then it is a bonus and if it has got heat resistant handles then it seems ok.

For choosing the best hair straightener one should thoroughly examine the plating of a devices. Here are some of the plating’s described:-

Chrome plating:-Being cheap it is the most common choice among women. This becomes ideal for those who do not plan to use their straightener on regular basis as it generates a lot of heat in its operation which damages the hair. Those possessing normal hair can use this sometimes. If you fall under any of the category:-chemically treated, dry hair or fine hair then please stay away from this plating type.

Gold plating:-If one wants to use on regular basis then this is the ideal one. There is no chance of leaving your hair dry or dull. It also helps in removing the frizz from your hair. Their expense is more than the chrome plate but is easily affordable on comparing with ceramic plating. It is mostly beneficial on relatively thick and normal hair. The results of this plating are satisfactory as it doesn’t damages your hair.

Ceramic plating:-It is the most popular and highly recommendable type of plating. Many users are quite satisfied with this product and hence it has earned quite a lot of reputation. Among all hair straighteners this is the best one. It deals with all types of hair quality whether they are damaged, chemically treated or curly heavy hair. Due to its capability of heating up early the job is done quite frequently and in no time. The total time spend by hair under it will also be small. It is easily portable because of its light weight and hence this makes it user friendly.
It’s you who has to keep in mind before processing any tool. Your health is primary and styling should be made secondary.

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