August 22, 2009

Different Hair Styles for Wedding Day

The main attraction is your hair style. It completely alters the look of the person. So if it is your wedding then you must be Hair Tips for Marriage for Bridevery careful about your hair style as it can make you look stunning or pathetic, so proper care should be taken. Your hair style totally depends upon your dress whether you want to wear your hair up or down and your headpiece what you choose to wear and is comfortable in.

Every man wants to see his girl or wife who has beautiful and soft hair. So that he can touch them and can play with them. Men always want to see the real part of you and not the make over, so the hair style should be such that depicts you completely.  

There are many hair tips which can be offered which can make you look stunning and ravishing on your D Day that is the wedding day. From these hair tips you can choose which ever style suits you the best according to your dress and head piece.
Every one wants their hair to be trendy, funny and sexy on their wedding day.

1. There is lot of options to make your hair, you can have long hair and let them loose to fall on your shoulders or one can tie them up. But the main thing which makes any hair style looks sexy is the soft touchable texture.

2. One should think of having soft curls around the face and shoulders. The curls can be crimpled up or messy as per you choice, they can be unstructured and carefree. These curves can be achieved with the help of a curling iron rod and some mousse to seal the curl so that it does not fade away. After curling one should always put a hair spray so that the curls are locked and do not open.

3. Apart from the above style if one wishes to wear their wedding hair in and up, one can go for a modernized curled or twisted bun, whit few strands of hair falling on the side by curling these strands of hair with the help of an iron rod, and then blow dry it to keep the bun in place. Apply some mousse to lock the look before it fades away. In order to complete the look you can decorate your hair with beautiful pins, hair clips, glitters head band etc. or else you can just spray some sparkle to add shimmer.

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