July 6, 2009

The Various Harmful Effects of Drugs

A lot of drugs are being consumed by several people for the satisfying effects that they are supposed to produce. This use of Side Effects Of Drugsdrugs, leads to severe social and economical problems like drug addiction or drug obsession. There is a very long list of these drugs that are being used by the people all over the world, and they are tobacco, alcohol, morphine, codeine, opium, heroin, smack, brown sugar, barbiturates, diazepam, and cocaine, hallucinogens like mescaline, LSD, cannabis and amphetamine.

Typically the drug addiction or the obsession for drugs is characterized with an overwhelming aspiration to carry on the consumption of the drug, and to get hold of the drug by any means, which can be simply termed as habituation, and a inclination towards increasing the amount of drugs that were previously consumed, and a physical or a psychic dependence on the positive effects (which are not actually presented by the drugs) of the drug. In the case of a physical dependence there is a physiological and a biochemical adaptation of the body tissues to the latest chemical surroundings subsequent to the constant use of the drug. As a result, when a person tries to quit the addiction of drugs, a severe and a very unusual cellular reaction is produced, which is medically termed as the withdrawal syndrome, and this reaction is different for each and every drug, and possibly is life threatening.

Now let us think about how the drug addiction begins? More often than not a person tries a drug in the influence of another person, and likes it and then continues to use it further progressively, and in the end becomes obsessed to it. Later on, the continuous use of these drugs generates many harmful effects, such as it produces progressive wear and tear of the mental and physical health, it may damage the brain and the liver, and it may cause internal bleeding and psychosis.

The alcohol which is contaminated with methyl alcohol (or methanol) causes loss of sight. The excessive use of LSD can lead to a phobia, and some terrible disorders. The use of cannabis changes the reflection process of a human being, and may further lead to a delivery flaw when used by pregnant women. The constant use of tobacco is connected with the lung cancer and coronary heart sickness. Getting rid of the drug addiction is very difficult for the patients, and needs psychotherapy, hospitalization, some kind of a supportive healing, and rehabilitation.

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