November 17, 2009

Kriya Yoga – Technique for Purifying Your Body

Kriya, in Yoga, means activity of purification of body from within. Kriya means activity. Kriya are the techniques of Kriya Yoga – Technique for Purifying Your Bodypurification the body from  inside and outside, giving importance to irrelevant information that would make feel embarrassed any of us who thinks to be a dirt free individual.

Kriya yoga has established a position in several people who are longing for a deeper and more divine relationship in their lives. It is a meditation technique that teaches definite sacred and mysterious philosophies. It teaches us that basically our power lies outside which means that we need a teacher or a master who can help us to attain our own spirituality.

Kriya yoga has some objectives which are both interesting and hopeful. Their main focus is to eradicate “obstacles” and “hurdles” from the brain and body. Opinion is a very fascinating item here, though what is obstacle for one person may not be an obstacle for another person. This is a very motivating radiance indication to power structures & faith systems

Yogananda introduced Kriya Yoga in the West in the 1920’s.
Kriya yoga is a resultant of three main yoga techniques namely the karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and Jnana yoga. Karma yoga emphasizes on the movement of the soul in and out of the mind. Jnana yoga emphasizes on intelligence, letting the mind to give liberty. Bhakti yoga emphasizes on love and affection the objective behind this is to “refine” the mind soul and body, and followers of kriya yoga think that they can attain self realization quickly rather than following other disciplines.
The Kriya Preparation

The first step in the preparation of Kriya is to ‘prepare’ the body, which can be done in a number of ways. According to many people, Hatha yoga is the ideal preparation exercise.

Next step in the Kriya preparation is to prepare the mind. Universal approach is studied as part of the intellectual process in this discipline, so make it a point that your mind is properly alert .In addition, the Kriya yoga method strives you to revise overall wellness, purity, transparency, and even psychological principles. Collectively, though, they help to ‘prepare’ the mind for other techniques

Kriya yoga techniques also teach mantras. They are assumed to strengthen the meditative practice. This ultimate technology unquestionably synchronizes the body repeated and the issue is, to what extent the frequency of the body being tuned?

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