September 16, 2009

Kundalini Yoga Helps out of Depression and Leading a Prosperous life

Kundalini yoga can help individuals in various following ways:

beautiful girl meditating on the meadowA) The deep breathing exercises help one to cool and relax one’s mind. The nostril breathing exercise is one great way to keep one’s brain in position and help in correct functioning of the brain. Within a short span of time the chemicals are released & one’s mood changes. Thus this change in the mood allows any person to be calm and composed & not to react to situations. When a person is happy the life becomes more stable.

B) In this type of yoga there is certain specific heart chakra that sets to attract more and more abundance into one’s life. The 4th chakra, that is the heart, needs to be more open & clear so as to attract more opportunities. While we are talking about the heart most of the exercises would be of having different suitable angles of hands over the head. One of the exercises used to release the blocked energy from the body is fire breath.

C) Most of the meditations used are to open the heart. Meditation is done to open oneself to a place of surrender. Yoga is done to open our hearts which is sometimes blocked and one is not able to see the opportunities in life. Kundalini Yoga uses numerology as a tool to determine the time of each meditation. If one does meditation with clear heart then a paradigm shift is seen in the life of the people. Any inappropriate posture may create insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.

D)  People should never breathe from mouth as it supplies oxygen only to the upper part of the lungs and is known as shallow breathing. Many of the exercises in this yoga require nostril breathing and this breathing helps a person to come out of depression.

E) People’s mind is considered as a computer chip and it requires cleaning. This cleaning or mind purifying is achieved through Kundalini Yoga. This helps in bringing new and clear thoughts in one’s mind.

Most people, because the religion has misguided them, they have a belief that one cannot be spiritual & still lead a material life. This is just a lie. If one makes oneself complete & radiant with all the success i.e. one living a successful life, one can add to the world living with optimism & being happy. Thus kundalini yoga helps achieving optimism and thus being successful.

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