February 22, 2009

Let’s know Yoga poses!

Yoga is an exercise that mainly consists on different types of poses. Yoga Poses mean body posture or position during the yoga Yoga poseexercise. In yoga terminology, these poses are called as asana. Asana is a stairway to achieve the mental and spiritual calmness. Essentially, these poses speak about the place of mind and body during a yoga exercise. Right mental poses help to achieve good willpower and good concentration while right body poses help to acquire good health and toned muscles for the yoga doer. Here one thing is clear that all the Yoga poses have to be done perfectly. Else Yoga exercise would be a ineffective or useless thing for you.

As there are different types of Yoga, so the poses are different for the different Yoga exercise. Yoga poses are generally taught at the begging of a yoga exercise. Once you have successfully completed the first yoga module, different Yoga Poses are suggested to you to get higher mental and spiritual strength. These Yoga poses can also be learnt by their names which you can ask from your Yoga Guru or teacher.

Let’s know some popular and effective poses suggested to beginners by the yoga mentors.

Most of the time, Yoga mentors suggest Rabbit pose to people who have just started the Yoga Exercise. It is a very easy pose that is basically used to relive from neck and head pain. The same body posture or pose can also be used to cure a common back pain problem.

Most basis kind yoga pose that is taught to beginners is called as the tree balance. In this posture you keep your body straight with your both feet together. You are not allowed to look here and there, just hold your eyes at one place, either straight or diagonally. Now lift your body upward onto the balls of feet. During the pose whole body weight is drawn on the heels. Start with your right leg by shifting weight on it. And lift your left leg slowly upward that your foot remains flat and toes down. Don’t rest on your foot, but rather on your thigh.

Another Yoga pose that is taught to beginners is Bird wing Pose. The pose is equally useful to people who are at advanced stage of the yoga program. There are some more yoga poses that you will hear from the yoga instructor such as happy baby pose, cat cow pointer sequence, reclined twist, the curl, twisted root, cross legged sit, bridge with roll, swimming and chair.

All the yoga poses that have been listed above are highly effective for melting down anxiety and controlling pressure. These effective poses help you to understand the life by touching or communicating with the inner feelings.  These yoga poses can also be learnt at home. Now a day due to immense popularity, these poses are come in CD or DVD and audio cassette as well. Of the two CD or DVD is the best way to learn these poses since here you are not only see but listen to the techniques to shape up your body.

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