July 24, 2009

Medical Difficulties of the Drug “Cocaine” – Short term and Long term

Cocaine is essentially a drug which is obtained from the coca leaves and it is chemically benzoylmethyl ecgonine, this Medical Difficulties of the Drug “Cocaine”drug has a characteristic white color. A survey was conducted all across the USA on the use of drugs and the after effects on the user’s health in the year 2007 and it was found that around 7 million of the Americans aged between 12 and 40 years had undergone drug abuse of many types and around 1.7 million people have knowingly abused cocaine at least twice in year 2006. This drug can be taken in any form such as it can be smoked, injected, snorted, chewed and sniffed. This drug abuse has various medical complications due to which there is no proper cure for this kind of drug abuse.

The after effects of the consumption of this drug last from 30 minutes to few hours. Once a person has abused the drug he cannot control his desire and thus starts abusing the drug again and again leading to the creation of a continuous chain of drug consumption. This eventually leads the person in becoming an addict to a number of such kinds of drugs. Various medical difficulties are present in the people who abuse cocaine. We can see both long term and short term effects on the physical condition of the addict.

In the short term, the complications or effects are seen even after the usage of a single dose of the drug. The most common effects which are seen in cocaine addicts are cardiovascular problems such as problem in heart rhythms, respiratory problems such as breathing problem and pain in the chest and other heart problem like heart attacks. Various symptoms are found in the addict’s body which shows how dangerous these diseases are.

In case, the long term health complications arises due to the consumption of high dosage of any kind of drug. Most common effects of such kind of drug abusers are heart attacks which causes immediate death of the addict.

1. Higher respiratory problems such as sudden stoppage of the heart beat and causing the abuser to die in seconds.

2. Then there is the condition of Seizure which makes the person unable to walk.

3. Other effects are coma, convulsions, muscle spasm, blurred vision, chest pain and high blood pressure. A number of pharmacological approaches are being employed in order to overcome and cure this hazard. We can further teach people about the harmful effects of such drugs. Educate then so that they can control their emotions and stop using this drug.

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