June 6, 2009

Natural Hair Caring and Styling Tips

Hair – a scientific insight

Shiny HairIt is a filament of protein that grows via epidermis from the follicles that are present inside the dermis. They are a characteristic that defines mammals. Although certain non mammals like insects show tentacle outgrowth but they betray the word in its scientific sense and hence are not considered as hair.

Hair types

There are in total three types of hair, firstly Lanugo which is a very fine thread of hair. Lanugo is found covering the complete body of a fetus. Secondly Vellus that are extremely short hairs that are meant to cover almost entire body of either sex. Thirdly

Terminal hairthat are prominently developed hairs.

Hair characteristics

Balding and graying are two very common characteristics of hairs that are also considered as hair problems these days. There are scientific reasons associated with these characteristics. Graying is often found in old people. The reason behind this tendency of developing grey hair with age is due to excess generation of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is developed because of the wear and tear of the follicles from where the hair grows. Baldness is another major problem caused because of many scientific and non scientific reasons which may include polluted environment, dandruff, genes etc.

Tips for hair with dandruff

1. Oiling- one must properly massage the scalp with lukewarm coconut oil. This not only helps fight dandruff but also increases the growth.
2. Application of almond oil mixed in right proportion with gooseberry juice is equally effective.
3. A massage of coconut oil mixed with lemon juice followed by a steam towel wrap does wonders with hair.
4. Shikakai is a natural product which is very easily found. Take shikakai powder and mix it in the water of boiled rice and give your hair a wash of this water.

Tips for shiny hair

1. Application of castor oil provides natural shine to the hair.
2. Washing the hair with tea boiled water every week has nearly similar effect.
3. Application of besan powder on hair followed by hair wash either from plain water or from rice boiled water improves the health of hair.
4. Wash the hair with egg white once in a week.
5. In case the cuticles of hair are damaged then properly massage with coconut oil and perform a steam towel wrap for at least 15 minutes.
6. For graying hairs mix mehandi powder and lemon juice in tea boiled water and apply it for 3 hours and then properly wash the hair.

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