September 19, 2009

Nose Is the Area That Is Very Prone To Blackheads

Blackheads are a very common problem in the teenagers. There are various reasons for the blackheads to occur. The Blackheads on nosemain reason is carelessness. The youth must be hygiene conscious and prevent blackheads. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum which accumulates on the skin pores and further get oxidized thus leaving black and hard marks on the skin thus blocking the pores of the skin. It is also due to excess melanin secretion. The problem of blackheads is mainly observed in the teenagers because the teenagers are very ignorant and thus hardly go for any treatments or preventive measures. Thus teens must be very careful and sensitive about this issue.

** Commonly the blackheads are observed on the nose region as this is the area which is very prone to blackheads. This is so because the sebaceous glands are very active on the nose region thus secreting the maximum amount of sebum and blocking the pores of the nose and thereafter getting oxidized and giving a very shabby look altogether. To get rid of this problem of blackheads is really very important and correct ways must be adopted to do so. Let us now look at the blackheads problems and tips to remove them.

1. The most widely used method used for the removal of blackheads from the nose is the use of steam. The use of steam helps in getting rid of the dirt from the nose area and helps in opening of the pores. One may either purchase a steamer which can be adjusted in such a way that it fits around the affected area that may be the mouth area or the nose. Thus the area which is soiled by the blackheads gets completed clean and thus opening the pores and increase the circulation of fresh air. One must use this technique carefully because it may be dangerous and can cause burns on the skin.

2. One may even use scrub made from certain natural products which may be the white of the eggs or green tea or fresh mint may be used. These scrubs are easy to prepare.

Thus can be prepared in the following way:

One may Mix the white part of the egg and honey. Mixture should be applied on the area of the skin where the blackheads are very prominent with cotton. Hands should be avoided. One must wash off the scrub with warm water after keeping the scrub on the face for ten minutes.

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