April 3, 2009

Parched Eye Care and Its Solution

eye careThere are a number of people who would like to get themselves educated whenever it comes to the dryness of our eyes and also about the proper eyes care techniques. Facts have shown that in excess of 4.5 billion people all around the world suffer from the problem of dryness in the area around their eyes and thus look for the correct parched eye care, this problem is seen more in women than in men. Almost 60 % of the women suffer from the problem of eye dryness and around 10 % of them are above 45 years of age who are looking for proper parched eye care.

Now in order to find the right parched eye care treatment we first need to know when our eyes are dried and when we actually need this parched eye care treatment. Well there are various symptoms which we can make use of when it comes to finding whether our eyes are dried or not. Some of them are blurry vision, intolerance of wind and smoke, excessive tearing, stringy liberation in our eyes, scratchy eyes and burning eyes.

Now after finding the symptoms the next step we need to do in order to determine the parched eye care treatment is to know the cause for our eyes becoming dry. This condition is known as dry-eye syndrome and can occur due to any of the following reasons such as lupus erythematosus in the system, sjogren’s disease, inflammation that occurs in the company of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

This condition also occurs due to fast evaporation of tear fluid from the external layer of our tears which in turn occurs due to lack of testosterone in our body which is then caused due to side effects caused by the consumption of medicines such as diuretics, antidepressants and antihistamines; these interfere with our tear fluid generation.

The parched eye care might be simple or can be complex in nature. The type of the parched eye care treatment depends on the cause which is responsible for making our eyes dry. In case it is caused by the interference of the medicines as prescribed by our doctor with our tear fluid generation, then in that case we should get our medicines changed after telling the doctor about our dry eye problem. In case he doesn’t change the medicine than we should just lower the dosage. Then there are eye drops which act as emergency relief for the parched eye care. Topical cyclosporine cures the problem of inflammation and thus acts as an efficient parched eye care.

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