September 24, 2009

Problems Faced Due To the Pulling Hair Disease

Trichotillomania is one of the common hair diseases which is also referred to as the pulling hair disease and is commonly found Hair pullind diseasein India. The most common symptom of this disease is the common habit of pulling one’s hair out and being unable to stop this. Many of the people doing a researcher on this pulling hair disease do not consider this as a symptom of Trichotillomania. They say that pulling one’s hair is a mere psychological effect nothing more than that. This disease is also known as OCD hair pull disease.

Some of the other symptoms observed in this disease may be permanent hair removal from certain specific potions of the scalp thus leading to partial baldness. It may even lead to eyebrow and eyelashes problem. Certain patches of hair are found missing from the eyebrows and eyelashes thus giving it a very shabby look. Hairs are found missing from various other sections of the body thus giving it a shabby look altogether. Thus patches of hair found missing from various parts of the body are the symptoms of Trichotillomania.

The victims of this disease Trichotillomania are observed pulling out their hair from various parts of the body. They do not do it purposely but it just happens. This habit leads them to leaving bald patches at various parts of the body thus giving it a very shabby and embarrassing look. Patients of Trichotillomania do not suffer in any other way apart from missing hair from various parts of the body. Many of the scientists believe that this happens only under certain set of conditions and not always.

In the technological advancements of today’s world there is nothing that is impossible so is the case with this disease. There is a specific cure for this disease that is the pulling hair and this has been widely tried, tested and a little effective. The traditional way of curing the pulling disease of hair is very effective but really difficult to follow. This involves undergoing a therapy under a specific set of predetermined conditions. These conditions need to be determined and then only one could move ahead with the treatment.

Certain drugs can be used to cure this disease. A psychologist can suggest certain drugs Fluoxetine, or may be sera line, which are also called as Prozac & Zoloft along with the therapy being carried out simultaneously in order to treat the pulling hair disease.

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