November 22, 2010

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

For many people the day begins by looking themselves in the mirror and seeing dark circles under their eyes.  Before you can begin applying a remedy, you should become aware of the cause of your dark circles.  There are several reasons why a person might have dark circles under her eyes.  Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by illness, allergies, genetics, or sleep deprivation.  Depending upon which of the causes you think might be the culprit the remedy you choose will vary.

Sleep Deprivation

During sleep, fluids are pulled from the blood into the tissue.  Upon waking in the morning, these fluids are re-assimilated into the body.  Sleep deprivation makes it more difficult for the body to re-assimilate these fluids.  If your dark circles are caused by sleep deprivation, the easiest solution is to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Allergies/ Illness

For people who suffer with severe allergies, typically the last thing they worry about are dark circles under the eyes.  However, some people find that dark circles are the only (or one of few) reactions they suffer from due to their allergies.  To get rid of dark circles under the eyes caused by allergies, you should talk to you allergist to find out how best to control the effects of your specific allergy.  If you have dark circles due to an illness, you should concentrate on getting healthy instead of the dark circles under your eyes.


Deoxyribosenucleic acid or DNA, is the programming language that tells our bodies how to act, look, function, and react.  For those that suffer from dark circles under the eyes due to their DNA, you are stuck with them.

You are probably wondering when we are going to get around to talking about something helpful.  Well, wait no more.  In all of the above scenarios, the solution is cause based, but the following solutions are symptomatic solutions. 


Often times, dark circles are associated with puffiness under the eyes.  To reduce the puffiness under the eyes use an astringent to help minimize the swelling.    Cucumbers contain a naturally occurring astringent; this is why so many people use sliced cucumbers over the eyes.  Another option is to use a product that is not typically associated with eye puffiness…hemorrhoid cream.  If already use this product for its original purpose, please be sure to purchase an additional tube and keep the two separate. 

Ice cubes wrapped in a dampened paper towel placed under the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes will help reduce any swelling or puffiness.  Washing your entire face with cold water will also help in the same fashion.  You can also purchase over the counter eye creams that are designed to help with this problem.  Eye creams will help reduce any swelling or puffiness as well as hydrate the skin upon which it is applied giving it a bit more elasticity.

The concept of reducing the puffiness under the eyes that gives the appearance of darkness is one in which your goal is to tighten the skin.  This is why almost any treatment that will constrict the skin are used, things like astringents or cold compress.

The final solution is one involving appearance.  Yes ladies, this means make-up.  If your genetic design leaves you with deep-set eyes, you should use lighter colors instead of dark.  To help eliminate the appearance of dark circles, the same concept will apply.  A bit of concealer or base will help to change the color under your eyes to lighten the color.

Many people tend to notice their dark circles more than anyone else ever would.  Some of the best advice you can ever receive is to not let yourself become overly concerned with the circles under your eyes.  It can be difficult to look at yourself every morning and see the same problem.  However, instead of worrying about the symptoms (dark circles) you should be more concerned with the cause.  If it is an illness or lack of sleep causing your dark circles, you will be better served taking care of the cause rather than treating the symptoms.

Removing Dark Circles with Makeup.

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