August 28, 2009

Sick of Those Embarrassing Pimples? It’s Time to Know about Them

Many people face the problem of acne. This might be due to a hormonal change in the body, or due to the Embarrassing Pimplesenvironmental condition. Generally when an individual reaches his/ her puberty, there occurs different hormonal change in the body, which corresponds to increase in the levels of certain hormones and decrease in certain others. This might lead to certain breakouts in the facial skin, and these are called acne, and more commonly known as pimples. One might also have to deal with pimples due to the environmental conditions surrounding him/ her.  Pimples is the way, a body tries to remove its waste through the skin.

A pimple gets inflamed because of the clogged pores of the skin. This is because, if the skin is not cleaned regularly, the pores present between the skins cells get clogged by the unwanted layer of the skin. This unwanted layer can be due to the presence of excessive oils, dust, or even due to the presence of a layer of dead cells. This layer if not removed, does not let the waste present in the clogged pimple to excrete out, and thus causes pain and irritation. Once the clog opens, the pimple ruptures, and this leads to the formation of the acne scar due to the healing process of the skin that involves the formation of new collagen fiber on the ruptured skin.

A lot of science has been involved in trying to find out what exactly is the logic for treating these pimples.

1. You can choose to use a lot of natural treatments for treating pimples. Aloe Vera, Acai berry, sandalwood, natural oils like lavender and rosehip oils. These all are effective in preventing the out burst of pimples, and are also helpful in reducing or lightening the acne scars left over after a pimple bursts.

2. Medical science has also developed various antibiotics that can be used in order to get rid of the embarrassing pimples. These are available in the form of creams and gels and can be directly applied onto the affected area of the skin. These have also shown effective results, but the results majorly depend upon the skin type of an individual. A certain formulation might be effective for treating your acne problem, but might not be that effective in treating your friend’s acne issue.

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