March 2, 2009

Smoking and cancer

Smoking and cancer go hand in hand. In fact, it is smoking that contributes to some lethal diseases including cancer. Other Smoking and Cancerdeadly diseases caused by smoking are cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. Consequently, it is really necessary for an individual to quit smoking, to have been diagnosed with cancer.

Not quitting smoking; would create lots of hindrance in the treatment to cure cancer. Sometimes, due to not quitting smoking people may face other complications such as anesthesia and radiation therapy. Apart from these complications, it may also increase the strength of infection in your body which results in poor injury healing, slowdown the heart functions that lead to heart risk. Often, for not quitting smoking your immune system may also be effected; and thus leads to more time in hospital and sometime may also increase the risk of death.
For better understanding let’s have a look on few results that would helps you understand the relation between smoking and cancer.

Researches show that tobacco plays a significant role to contribute cancer in human body. Also, there are other indeterminable studies shows that cancer is spreading due to tobacco or smoking. Consequently death due to cancer is by and large blamed to tobacco habit. Cancer caused by smoking is very deadly as a result lungs cancer claims more deaths then any other type of cancer.

Generally people think that smoking contributes to only one type of cancer that is lungs cancer. But recent studies show that smoking plays decisive role in developing many other types of cancers as well. Smoking habit increase the hazards of many other types of cancers such as mouths, pharynx, throat, urinary, kidney, stomach, cervical and breast cancer as well.

There are literally number of health benefits of quitting smoking. Let’s know the few benefits of stop smoking when you have been diagnosed with cancer.

People generally complain for not having any motivation force to quit smoking. But one you afflicted with cancer, you have many reasons to quit smoking. And these reasons would give you an additional impetus to quit smoking. Smoking leaves great impact on people afflicted with cancer; it leads to anxiety that may sometimes develop into depression. At the same time, smoking also leads to mild head and fear that keeps increasing till you stop smoking.

Smoking cessation will instantly improve your health and you feel better from inside. You respiratory system improves as you quit smoking habit. Once you have quitted smoking, your chances of affiliating in other types of new cancer infection are minimize. Not just that! You feel improvement in your whole health. In addition to that your immune system gets strengthen by quitting smoking habit.

The hazards of cancer decrease gradually in people who have quitted smoking habit. The risks of cancers are down to the same level as in a person who is non-smoker come after waiting of several years. The change in your lungs due to cancer is withdrawn after many years and you feel much better.

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