August 29, 2009

Smoking Thrills But Kills: Leads to Cancer

With smoking becoming a passion amongst youth it has given birth to a deadly disease called as throat cancer. Smoking thrills but killsCancer which is developed in the throat, mouth or the larynx region is totally called as throat cancer. This is one of the deadliest types of cancer still known because it nearly impossible to cure this cancer once it moves to its later stages.

Symptoms seen in a person suffering from the disease are as follows:-

1. Lumps in nose are one of the major symptoms,
2. Sore throat for weeks,
3. A change in voice is noticed in the person suffering from this disease,
4. Excessive and repetitive bleeding through nose, throat or mouth and
5. The person suffering from throat cancer also has swallowing problems.
It is seen that men’s are more likely to have this disease rather than women. The major of such a thing is because men are more tempted to smoking, and also easily adapt habits like chewing tobacco, consumption of alcohol.

There are various types of throat cancer depending upon its region of growth. It grows in various stages and within a very short span of time spreads all around the region of throat and also keep speeding up its growth with time. The person who is suspected to have the above mentioned symptoms should consult doctor as soon as possible and should go for CT scan, MRI or ultrasound test.

The treatment can be done by the following methods:-

1. Surgery: This process majorly involves the complete extraction of tumor from the affected region.

2. Chemotherapy: Through this process use of drugs or injections helps to remove the disease although sometimes chances of the disease to come to action are a little high then the surgery method.

3. Radiation therapy: Uses rays which help in destroying small tumor in the throat.

As this disease is taking a large number of people under it, Indian government is taking a lot of steps to spread awareness amongst people so as they consume less of alcohol and do less smoking. A new bill has been passed by the government of India due to which pictures of throat cancer will be displayed on cigarette boxes in order to make people aware who are habitual to smoking.

With thousands of people dying due to this deadly disease every year it’s high time for us to stop the use of tobacco or alcohol and make our lives happier and better.

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