April 3, 2009

Stress And Tension – Problems Of The Human Race

During the primitive years, when the species of Homo sapiens was new in terms of stressexistence, man was going through learning stage. He learned new things, some of which became famous such as the discovery of fire and the discovery of wheel. Gradually, as man did progress, he himself started to develop new things and as a result various discoveries took place and inventions took shape. As time passed, money or material wealth came into existence and since nearly everything could be obtained using money, man started chasing money and in the process did every possible thing to obtain it.

However, any person be it a common slum dweller or the president of the most powerful nation on earth, has only twenty four hours which is commonly known as a day. In the mad rush for this material wealth in the current scenario, people devote maximum time in earning wealth and stashing it up. This leaves very less time for socializing and even look after oneself. This acute shortage of time gradually becomes chronic and leads to the problems of stress and tension in individuals. The usage of these two words has suddenly risen and it is an indicator of declining harmony and overall wellness in the society.

Cause Of Stress And Tension

Stress in individuals is generally caused due to a variety of reasons one of which is overloading due to work. In the quest for wealth, even after doing a regular eight-hour job, people engage in some activity that may result in creation of even more wealth. Doing such work may increase monotony in a person’s life and due to such reasons; people start displaying symptoms of withdrawal, social phobias and ultimately mental imbalances. Leading a stressful life can be really harmful to an individual as he or she works at a lower inefficiency, thereby decreasing overall productivity.

Stress and tension are often used interchangeably and convey the same meaning. One of the best tried and tested measures of eliminating stress and tension is to take a break from routine, regular work. One of the ways to accomplish this is:-

1. To go on a vacation, preferably with the family. This not only relaxes the mind, but is also a great opportunity to renew intra family bonds and spend some really good times.

2. Another good way of keeping stress at bay is to pursue a hobby through which one can effectively unwind and get back to work with new energetic feeling.

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