May 7, 2009

Symptoms of HIV AIDS virus

Aids HIV is one disease whose cause is yet not known. But some well known scientists say that it is caused by a virus known as HIV Aids symptomsSimian Immunodeficiency Virus’. This virus was first found in chimpanzees of South Africa.

The main causes of HIV are as follows-

It spreads in your body through a virus, which enters in your body and destroys the crypto program of the cells, which helps in building the immunity system of the body.

1. There are some special cells named ‘CD4 cells’ which uses natural product of the body to further create there replicas. The body creates the replicas of ‘CD4 cells’ so that it can boost up the immunity system of the body. But these HIV viruses destroy these cells & in turn bring the level of number of these cells low, which adversely affects the immunity system of the body.

2. The actual spreading of HIV virus inside the body is due to transfer of fluids like blood or semen from the body of affected person to the body of normal person. Also it can easily be transmitted through the sexual intercourse that is anal or oral sex.

3. Another very important way of transmission of HIV virus is using used needles, specially used while in taking illegal drugs. HIV virus is automatically transmitted to the baby if the mother is infected by HIV.

4. Even blood transfusion causes transmission of HIV. But fortunately medication is available now a day to bring this possibility down.

Now let us throw light on the symptoms of HIV.

1. The initial stage of this infection is known as ‘primary HIV infection’. A person affected by such virus start showing the symptoms in about fifteen to forty five days of the infection.

2. The symptoms include fewer, bad throat, swelling in glands, joints pain, fatigue ness, rashes on the chest etc. most of the times the symptoms of HIV are so mild that you tend to link them up with some other problem.

3. These symptoms stay constant for a very long time and show small increment only after a very long period. This is termed as ‘Asymptomatic HIV infection’.

4. HIV virus tends to grow internally manifold and damage the immunity system adversely.

If this problem is not taken care of at the right time then you might end up with low level CD4 cells which would cause zero immunity in your body. And the severe symptoms of this disease are dry cough, weight loss, sweats at night, blur vision, white spots on tongue, high fewer, problem while breathing, and diarrhea. All these symptoms can continue for a period of say three to four months.

Now comes how to treat you so as keep a check on HIV positive.

You should get your blood test done timely so as to see CD4 cell count and viral infection. There are some medications like HAART available to slow down the pace of HIV virus. Also there are therapies and counseling done to give you a long and healthier life.

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