April 9, 2009

What Are The Tests and Symptoms For HIV Virus?

The first case of the Aids/HIV virus was reported some 25 years ago, since then it has become one of the most dreadful diseases which are feared the most in the whole world. At present about 25 million people hHIV virusave already died because of the sufferings of this diseases and already approximately 38 million people are suffering from its effects.

Actually HIV is a virus which on its later stages develops into aids. It takes almost 3-4 months to convert into disease. This virus works to destroy the cells of the immune system which are better known as T-Lymphocytes. When these lymphocytes which are also known as the suicidal bags of our body get destroyed it results in the inability of our body to cope up with diseases causing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

It is not necessary that with the infection of HIV all the symptoms of aids will be observed, in fact in some cases there might be no symptoms at all of aids. However the only common thing which is common among all HIV infections is experiencing flu like symptoms. These symptoms appear after an interval of almost six weeks from the initial stages of infection.

There are also some infections such as sore throat, rashes, swollen lymph glands and headaches which a person can exhibit while suffering from other ail nesses. If medical reports do not show a person infected with aids he is still capable of transmitted the infection to other individuals coming in sexual contact. Once this virus enters the human bodies there are all doors closed for exiting the virus since almost immediately it attacks the immune system.

There are chances that a person may not develop an HIV infection to as long as ten years but these certainly do not mean that the virus has stopped growing in numbers. Infected person may only experience some mild infections or chronic symptoms. Tests of HIV can be done with a simple blood test .this virus is acquired by having unprotected sex or by transfusion of blood.
If the virus gets detected early then there are few chances of its advancement. Every individual should get tested for aids after very one year, and specially those who contact a new partner .normally while performing sex there are more chances of getting these infections if one tries anal other then vaginal counterparts. Men whom posses sex with men (MSM’s) are at a higher risk of getting infected.

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