February 24, 2009

Tips to quit smoking by nicotine patches

There are quite a few methods to quit smoking which are broadly put under two broad heads, natural and medication. Of the Nicotine Patchestwo, natural method is preferred over medication as it is more effect and cent percent side-effect free. Nicotine patches also belong to the natural ilk. These patches work remarkably well to quit smoking. Actually these patches cure smoking habit from inside. It slowly discharge or release considerable amount of nicotine into the bloodstream which helps an individual to stop the strong carvings to smoke.

Let’s have a look on a few tips of experts on how to use patches to quit smoking addiction.

gAsk your doctor for the best types of patches: generally patches to quit smoking are provided in tow types, the herbal non nicotine patches and the nicotine patches. But you all alone can’t choose patches for you. These two types of patches are provided in many denominations and in different power or dosage. So, consult your doctor for power or dosage that will suit your body.
Apply the patch directly on the body: once you have decided the type of patch that suits your need, apply it on the part of your body. You can choose any part where you are comfortable. Don’t worry; they are kept under the clothes so that nobody notices them. These nicotine patches work amazingly well to decrease the stress level and alleviate many other symptoms accompanied by smoking urge or carvings.

Patches work, if you have strong determination: As you know very well that these patches are not something like a magic pill. These patches for sure work, yet strong determination is expected from your side. Otherwise, these nicotine patches will prove ineffective and useless in your case. These patches just help to slowdown the strong carving or urges of smoking while rest of the work is done by you.

Patches cure mentally and physically: patches are great way to come over the      smoking addiction that heals the problem by both means physically and mentally. These patches contain nicotine inside that is strategically transferred into the body. But very little quantity of nicotine is transferred into the body to satisfy the strong carvings or desires of having cigarette. It is therefore; when you start using stop smoking patched you are told that you attacked not only physically to quit smoking but also mentally. Experts believe nicotine to be one of the most addictive substances such as Heroin and Cocaine. So, whenever people try to quit smoking their brain carves for nicotine. This carving of nicotine is so strong and intense that only 5% people can manage to come out of smoking addiction.

Some people think that these nicotine patches are a bit expensive as they cost you around $ 50.00 or more for one week supply.  Why these people don’t you think that nothing can replace their life! With these patches you increase many years of your life and save yourself from huge impending expenses that may occur in term of treatment of fatal disease like lungs cancer or cardio disease.

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