March 2, 2009

Tips to have wrinkle free skin

Perhaps wrinkles are the most terrible kid of beauty distortion that one may face. Basically wrinkles appear due to growing age.  WrinklesApart from that there are many a reasons due to which premature wrinkles appear on your face or skin. Among such reasons, pollution and excessive are the two that contribute to wrinkles on your face. These wrinkles are in many forms such as face lines, ages spot and sagging skin. Mostly people, particularly women are very concern having had wrinkles on face, but these wrinkles can easily be removed by following some tips given below.

Use water: You easily can come over the wrinkle problem by taking lot of water. Water keeps your skin hydrated and prevents dryness. But you will have to take at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

Try to avoid alcohol: alcohol is one of the deadliest enemies of skin. For having excessive quantity of alcohol ripe for dryness on your skin that leads to premature ages line on your face.

Try to avoid smoking: smoking is a very common thing which people think to be a harmless to skin. But smoking too leaves some bad affects on your skin by producing billions of uncalled for radicals in the skin that cause wrinkles.

Take healthy food: what you eat, it affects on your skin. So, avoid un-healthy foods. Use healthy foods those are full with vitamins and have anti oxidant. If you want your immune system to be powerful that has enough anti oxidant to kill free radicals, avoid all junk foods.

Use good sunscreen lotion: when it comes to stay wrinkle free, use only SFP 15 sunscreen to protect your skin from wrinkles.

Avoid sun exposure: skin exposure to sun for many hours may also distort your beauty. Excessive sun exposure leads to skin dryness.

Avoid cosmetic goods: sometimes your cosmetic products such as lotion and cream may also lead to disfigure or wrinkles. Actually these creams and lotions contain some harmful chemicals that lead to dryness and acne on your skin. Therefore, be careful while using such a product.

Provide moisture to your skin: it is necessary to provide moisture to skin regularly to secure from going it dry. Take bath every day with gentle warm water.

Keep tight eye on your skin: it has been seen that ageing or wrinkles problems are mostly due to improper care of skin. So, whenever you feel any sort of change or sign of wrinkles or ageing on your skin move to a skin specialist so that problem can be cure at the early stages.

Use anti ageing cream: although there are numbers of anti ageing creams, but I would suggest you to use natural anti ageing cream. An herbal or natural anti ageing cream is side effects free that contains sun protective ingredients. Further more, these creams are full of anti oxidant to provide needed moisture to your skin. Also, natural cream can arouse collagen and provide elasticity to your skin.

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