March 10, 2009

Toothpaste – A Home Remedy To Dry Acnes

Acne is medically known as Acne vulgaris. It is basically a skin state which is caused due to the changes that occur in toothpastepilosebaceous entities. Pilosebaceous are the skin constituents which contain hair follicle along with its related sebaceous gland.
Harsh acne are inflammatory; however they also appear in the non inflammatory form. The acne scratches are generally referred to what we call pimples, acne, zits or spots. This condition is most common in youngsters.

The cause behind it being common in teenagers is that during adolescent age a number of hormonal changes take place in both male and female. The most important being the sex hormone. In majority of the public acne disappear with time. But there is no method which can predict the correct time that they will take to be completely removed.

These are found on upper neck, face, chest, shoulder and back. This leads to many psychological problems like reduction in self-esteem, self-confidence, depression and suicide. Acne is of 3 kinds mainly dry, normal and oily which is skin dependent. All these 3 types of skins are vulnerable to acne. Majority of the public has all the above kinds of acne on their various body parts including the face.

Someone having a dry skin also gets acne and his condition worsens during the winter season when they outbreak. During the winter season the body’s moisture level falls due to a decrease in the level of temperature and humidity. On top of this there is indoor heat present along with the environment which further dries the skin and makes it more irritating. We feel like itching the skin around the nose, buttocks, shoulders and face.  Due to the cracks formed on the skin there is an increase in the number of acne formed as it becomes more prone to getting infected by bacteria. Thus we have to apply moisturizers on daily basis. There are a number of ways by making use of which we can minimize the dry acne production.

The most common way is to make use of toothpaste. If has been tested that the toothpastes contain elements which help in the curing of the dry acne formed in various parts of the body. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are only a specific range of toothpastes which can cure dry acne others can cause irritation to the skin. This is basically an overnight cure if we want it to work efficiently. There are a couple of ways in which we can use toothpaste so as to cure dry acne. Firstly, we can use toothpaste as a mask and thus drawing out the impurities from the skin. However, this method which involves applying toothpaste on the affected area of the skin can lead to further drying of the skin which further reduces the size of the dry acne.

There are several toothpastes which consist of menthol which is basically an alcohol. And it’s a fact that alcohol dries the human skin which we do not wish. We should use toothpaste which is free from gel and is having least additives. We should make use of organic or natural toothpastes as the elements which it is made of are less. Just simply apply this toothpaste on the dry acne around 7 to 8 hours of our sleep and wash it when we get up. This is a very easy and a cheap method of reducing and preventing dry acnes. We should also avoid hot baths and showers will also lead to drying of the skin and also remove the body oil and moisture. Apply lotions which are rich in ceramides, linoleic acid, glycerin or mineral oil just after we come out from the bathroom

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