September 21, 2009

The Total Gym Exercises for the Perfect Start

It’s very easy to think of joining a gym to keep you fit and healthy, but is very difficult to get started with one. Even if you are a Total Gym Exercisesbusy person and so can not give time to your gym much, even some fifteen to twenty minutes of workout at your gym daily can help you build your muscles strong. You can see the amazing results very soon. Exercising not only gives you a whole lot of patience but also boosts you up with a lot of energy. But when you don’t have much time to workout at gym, you should focus on the kinds of exercises that you do, so as to get a complete gym workout in a limited time.

A few of the total gym exercises have been mentioned below which if one follows, he/she will be astonished to see the results in almost no time:-

1. The first set of exercise focuses at working out your shoulders, triceps, lower abs, upper back. This can be achieved by trying arm pullover. While lying on the board, pull your knees slowly towards your lower body and grasp the pulley firmly with both your hands. And now lying in this position try to pull you towards the top of the board. Repeat this at least fifteen times in a day.

2. To workout your upper back, lower abs, and lower back, a twister can be the best equipment. Sit at the top of the board and grasp the pulley in your hand. With the help of both your hands and by using the maximum resistance possible, pull from one side, and then from the other. Try doing this at least fifteen times a day.

3. For your upper back and biceps workout, try a seated row. While sitting at the top of the board, lock your arms in the pulley. Now put your entire body weight on your arms and pull your body through your arms, towards the top of the board. Now continue doing this at least fifteen times a day.

4. For your calve muscles and lower and upper abs, try doing a leg pull. You need to lie down on the board and keep your legs straight up. Now hook your legs to the pulley and by only stretching your leg muscles, pull your body towards the top of the machine.

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