April 9, 2009

How Many Types Of Human Hair Exist?

Each and every individual looks at the hair at first sight. Depending on person to person some possess thin, thick, straight, wavy Types of hairor curly hair. Generally when it comes to our hair geography plays quite an important aspect to the type of hair we inherit.
This concept can be better explained with the help of an example:-

People of Asian background have thick black hair. If one is to look under a microscope one will find that the strands in the hair are quite thick and dully rounded. Such types of hair are lustrous in nature because of their weight ratio. It can be really shocking that hairs of such persons are quite dense with around 150,000 thick hairs around their head. For them combing can be a really challenging task. Salon hair products are advisable for such hair quality.

People of Scotland possess red hairs which are thicker than the black Asian hair. Ancient history reveals that the Celtics which were also known as Caledonians possess strikingly red hair. Some Romans have named them as the wild people. Still at present people there possess hot tempered reputation.

People in the Europe have dark and blonde hair. If particularly revealed under the microscope one will find that the shapes of these strands are oval and round shaped. These strands can give up wavy and straight hair. These are generally lighter in weight than those of the Asians. The density ratio of hairs over their head is also less i.e. around 90 thousand. Shampoos and conditioners suit the best for these types of hairs.

People of African descent possess curly, dark and tight hair. Under microscopic inspection one finds these hairs to be flat and thin. The hairs curl right up due to the flatness of the strands. One should always keep these hair moistened up. A hair moistener and a gentle cleaner are quite helpful in maintaining healthy hair. While combing proper care should be taken of them as they break quite easily. Curling irons and blow driers should be avoided.

If one looks at the people of North America the hair colors of people are mostly diverse. This is because of the fact that North America has greater population of migrants. This disturbs the genes of the offspring’s with parents of different races. If someone wants to have a research over his own hair then he must look at his ancestors. For example if an Asian is married with a Caucasian then the infant will always possess dark thick hair.

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