August 6, 2009

What You Need To Know About Pimples?

Teenagers and also adults to a certain age face one of the most common skin problems, acne. For some, it might Boy with Acnejust effect their teen ages, but for some other, it might be a problem for their entire life. Now days, many treatments are available for treating acne, but people follow them randomly without knowing the basic cause of these pimples.Let us first find out what exactly is Acne. It can happen to us in various forms, like whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and red spots. The main cause is the plugging of the skin pores by the germs that get stuck in the hair present on the skin, by oil, or by dirt. When these clogged pores swell up, they become red, and this is what we call Acne or pimples. Children when enter the age of puberty, they generally have to face the problem of pimples. This is generally between the ages of 10 to 15.

Now let us see what actually does cause acne. While in puberty, many hormonal changes take place in an individual, some of the newly created hormones are the androgens; these make the sebaceous glands of the body secrete more sebum, and make the skin to grow at a faster rate. This sebum when gets mixed with the falling skin flakes, forms a plug for the pores. And this is what we know as acne.

Usually acne or pimples breakout on face, but are also seen on the neck, arms, shoulders. It can be present, both under and superficially on the skin. When it is under the skin pore, it is called a whitehead, once it gets exposed on to the surface and gets darkened, it is called a blackhead. It may also turn into a swelled up bump in the skin, filled with pus. This is usually a painful pimple.

Generally it is suggested not to scratch the pimples or try to burst them. You should never prick or squeeze them, as this can increase the inflammation of the pimple and lead to scar formation. You should focus well on your diet, and eat a healthy diet. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, and you will see the difference. Medically, it can be controlled by using some antibiotic gels, creams, but these also do on significantly help in controlling pimples.

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