December 20, 2010

Women And Facial Hair – A Problem They Do Not Want To Discuss

Men are plagued with it for all of their adult lives and women never want to speak of it, ever! But the fact is we all have facial hair at some point in our lifetime. Women generally do not notice it much until they reach middle age. Some who have dark hair and (generally) a darker complexion, may have a slight mustache once they reach puberty and that can become the cause of concern and embarrassment. Hormones have a great deal to do with the type, thickness, color, and location of facial hair. This becomes more noticeable when a woman reaches menopause and her supply of estrogen diminishes substantially. However, taking an estrogen supplement at this stage will not necessarily help eliminate the hair she’s acquired in all the wrong places. Let’s look into some of the more useful means of removing that unwanted hair. Shaving is not the correct remedy for this type of problem as it will only grow back thicker and denser. Women who reach middle age, beginning to sprout chin upper lip and neck hairs, may be able to keep them at bay by simply plucking them but that can be painful.

Depilatory creams and liquids stink but work effectively

The depilatory creams on the market today are an effective method of hair removal. There are some especially gentle formulations designed for the hair that grows on chin and face while most of them will easily remove hair on legs, armpits, and the bikini area. The hair is usually gone for a period of several days up to two weeks, depending on how fast your grows back. Depilatories are messy and smelly and confining the operation to the bath tub can be helpful. Some people find them harsh and can cause an allergic reaction which may result in inflammation or a rash from their use. These creams and liquids may not be effective enough on coarse hairs, requiring repeat treatments and more expense.

Physical hair removal requires some effort

1)     Plucking, waxing, and shaving are more physical methods of hair removal and they require some effort to accomplish. Plucking can be painful and requires a good eye, a mirror, and some bright lighting. Plucked hairs tend to grow back slowly and may be finer in texture once they do reappear.

2)     Shaving is the time tested method of removing unwanted hair whether they are from a mans beard, a woman’s legs, armpits, and even facial hair. It tends to be quick but messy when using a shaving cream or hair softener. Blades must be sharp or they will damage the skin by cutting or scraping. Shaved hairs tend to grow back more quickly, denser, and thicker.

3)     Waxing is another painful method of hair removal but it will generally keep hair from growing back for at least two weeks, and up to six weeks. Applying hot wax to sensitive areas can cause skin to react by becoming inflamed and causing a rash. As hair is ultimately pulled out by the roots it causes pain which is a deterrent for many who find a depilatory easier on their tender skin. But that hair will most likely be finer in texture when it grows back.

Laser and electrolysis can result in permanent hair removal

1) Lasers are in use for many purposes nowadays and hair removal by laser is a popular means of permanent removal of unwanted hair all over the body. This method can be used over large areas of the body at once so it is popular for those with very hairy bodies. A laser effectively stops growth, killing the hair when directed onto the hair follicle. Lighter skinned people may find it more effective due to the way melanin of hair reacts to the light. Maintenance treatments may be needed every six months or so.

2) Electrolysis can be expensive, as is laser application, but tends to be permanent in most cases. The electrologist will want to schedule you for several treatments and will work on various areas at once. It is time consuming (thus the expense) resulting in small areas such as upper lip or chin to take four to eight hours to complete. Each individual hair must be killed by means of a needle which is inserted into the hairs follicle, then sending an electrical current into the hair’s root. It will kill the hair but the procedure will take time. After effects, which may include inflammation, scabs, and sometimes scarring, are a deterrent. Get a recommendation for a professional electrolysis from your medical doctor

The natural (hairy) look is popular in many cultures

Being smooth shaven without excessive hair or opting to keep those chin hairs, neck hairs, and even choosing to have natural hairy armpits and legs is a personal decision. It is a cultural thing and some simply appreciate the human body in its natural state and that includes hair that covers our body. If you do not want to remove them, then don’t.

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