May 28, 2009

A World Of Stress Within Our World

The word stress is an extremely common term in the present world scenario. Every day the newspapers, television, Stress Worldradio and magazines are splashed with suggestions on how to cope with stress. One often gets to read about the causes, consequences and possible solutions of stress. Another common term associated with stress is the term tension. The meaning of stress and tension must be understood to understand their reference and importance in our lives. When the human body is unable to react or respond in an appropriate manner to external stimulus, which maybe emotional or even physical, it is called stress.

The meaning of the term tension depends on the context in which it is being talked about. The stretching of an object is the physical concept of tension. Voltage or potential difference means electrical tension. However, in medical terms it is uncertainty about a particular thing that is referred to as tension. It concerns the feeling of anxiety in a person. There is an intricate relationship between stress and tension. There are diverse causes of stress. A social issue, an environmental factor around a person such as a difficult circumstance, an issue of life, relationship or development maybe the possible causes of stress.
Social causes include encountering problems in a relationship, birth, marriage, death, divorce, etc. These can lead to an individual being in a situation which causes him anxiety and eventually leads to stress.

The various problems of our everyday life such as:

* Job responsibility

* Lack of income

* Employment

* Housing conditions

* Availability of sufficient food etc are cited as reasons leading to stress. One or more of these maybe a cause of worry to a person, making him stressed or depressed. External factors such as communication, freedom and also lack of sleep can lead to stress. Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of stress.

The causes of stress stated above lead to stress and finally to tension when the there is extreme stress. Headache, inability to judge or react to situations and even aches in other parts of the body are all consequences of stress. In the world today, most of the people are under stress due to the fast pace of life and the demanding nature of their work. This is one primary cause of depression in people leading to mental or nervous breakdowns. Tranquilizers, anti-depressants are consumed to ward of stress but this is not the real solution. We have to finish stress from its root in order to lead a healthy life.

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